Central Staffs likely to get 46% DA from July 2023

After the release of AICPIN for May 2023, it is expected Central Staffs likely to get 46% DA from July 2023

The Dearness Allowance (DA) for central government employees is expected to be 46% from July 2023. This is based on the All-India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (AICPIN) for May 2023, which stood at 134.7. The DA is revised every six months based on the movement of the AICPIN.

46% DA from July 2023

The actual DA for July 2023 will be announced by the government in the coming weeks. However, the current indication is that it will be 46%. This would be a welcome relief for central government employees, who have been facing rising inflation in recent months.

The 46% DA would mean that a central government employee with a basic salary of Rs. 50,000 would get an additional Rs. 23,000 per month as DA. This would bring their total salary to Rs. 73,000 per month.

The 46% DA is also expected to boost the economy, as it will give employees more money to spend. This will lead to increased demand for goods and services, which will in turn create jobs.

Overall, the 46% DA is a positive development for central government employees and the economy as a whole. It will help to offset the rising cost of living and boost economic growth.

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